Mission and Purpose

The mission of the Council for Latino Workplace Equity (CLWE) is to be a trusted resource and platform to foster workplace equity for Latino talent.

We achieve our Mission by

  • Highlighting the pertinent issues concerning Latinos in the workplace to bring awareness to both challenges and opportunities.
  • Leveraging commitment from corporate and community leaders to advance equal opportunities for Latinos in the workplace.
  • Implementing discussion panels, forums and educational programs to address challenges, incite change and foster equity for Latinos in the workplace.


To serve as the premier resource for information, events and programs related to Latino workplace equity.

“If you have a chance to accomplish something that will make things better for people coming behind you and you don’t do that, you are wasting your time on earth.”

Roberto Clemente, Puerto Rican professional Baseball right fielder

“People say dreams aren’t a thing that happen, and I’m a believer that they do.”

Daniel Zovatto, Costa Rican film actor

“I need to believe that something extraordinary is possible.”

Alicia Nash, Salvadoran-American physicist, quoted from A Beautiful Mind (2001)

“A role model in the flesh provides more than inspiration; his or her very existence is confirmation of possibilities one may have every reason to doubt, saying, “Yes, someone like me can do this.””

Sonia Sotomayor, First Latina Associate Justice of Supreme Court of the United States

“The people are the only ones capable of transforming society.”

Rigoberta Menchu, Guatemalan Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Activist

“Don’t be afraid to reach for the stars. I believe a good education can take you anywhere on Earth and beyond.”

Ellen Ochoa, First Hispanic Woman to Travel into Space

“When opportunity presents itself grab it. Hold on tight and don’t let go.”

Celia Cruz, Afro-Latina Salsa Singer

“I believe that every single one of us, celebrity or not, has a responsibility to get involved in trying to make a difference in the world. Our generation faces many challenges, some of which were passed on to us by the past generations, but it’s up to us to find solutions today so that we don’t keep passing our problems on.”

Shakira, Latina and Colombian Singer

“Who do you want to take with you on your journey? You want people who will lift you up and be agents of positive change.”

Andres Ruzo, Peruvian Entrepreneur and CEO of LinkAmerica

“Help people along the way and encourage someone to believe in their magic.”

Rachel Gomez, Mexican-American Founder of Viva La Bonita, a clothing line for the Latina community


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