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The Council for Latino Workplace Equity promotes the advancement of Latino talent in the workplace through an array of annual events and educational programs focusing on leadership and diversity best practices.

Leadership Opportunities

If you are looking to make an impact as a leader in the Latino community, consider lending your talents and skills to the Council for Latino Workplace Equity.

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The Council for Latino Workplace Equity has numerous opportunities for you to become involved, either as a volunteer or an officer, for more information contact:

Angeles Valenciano at [email protected]
Dennis Kennedy at [email protected]


Join the Council for Latino Workplace Equity as we support returning and disabled veterans seeking to establish successful careers as they transition to civilian life.


The Council for Latino Workplace Equity is dedicated to ending inequality and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.

Success is not about doing things well or even very well, or being acknowledged by others. It is not an external opinion, but rather an internal status. It is the harmony between the soul and your emotions, which requires love, family, friendship, authenticity and integrity.
Carlos Slim Helu

Remember that no one succeeds alone. Never walk alone in your future paths.
Sonia Sotomayor

Supreme Court Justice

The act of discovering who we are will force us to accept that we can go further than we think.
Paulo Coelho

If you have a chance to accomplish something that will make things better for people coming behind you and you don’t do that, you are wasting your time on earth.
Roberto Clemente

At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.
Frida Kahlo

Let us not close our hearts. Let us not lose confidence. Let us never give up.
Pope Francis

Council for Latino Workplace Equity

Welcome / Bienvenidos,

It is indeed a privilege to welcome you to the Council for Latino Workplace Equity (CLWE) website. We have arrived at a very important moment in our society where achieving diversity and inclusion in an era of innovation and transformation is key to the growth and attainment of the Hispanic population in the United States. We recognize the contributions made and the important presence of the Hispanic/Latino population to our nation and celebrate our culture.

Hispanics have had a profound and positive influence on our country through their strong commitment to family, faith, hard work, and service. We have enhanced and shaped our national character with centuries-old traditions that reflect the multiethnic and multicultural dimensions of our community.

According to 2012 U.S. Census estimates, 53 million people or 17 percent of the population are of Hispanic or Latino origin. This represents a significant increase from 2000, which registered the Hispanic population at 35.3 million or 13 percent. The number of Hispanic-owned businesses totaled 2.3 million in 2007 and the projected buying power of Latinos will be $1.7 trillion by 2017. Yet our representation in leadership roles and board rooms in corporate America is still very low.

The purpose of the Council for Latino Workplace Equity is to seek inclusion and opportunity for Latino leaders to claim their place at the table with certainty and conviction. Under the umbrella of the National Diversity Council, we will leverage the incredible resources we have as a community to serve as the compass for our nation as we advance the next generation of Latino leaders in our great country.

Con todo respeto,